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See below for the run configuration, which we set up to receive the report statistics from below.

Please refer to the section Experiment Results for more information on the report specific data.

Run configuration


If you take a look at the report, you can see that there is a new category called Resource Details. See Section Report > Gateways & Resources for information on the resource specific report data.


Figure 1: The report's resource pool statistics of the resource details

Queue statistics (advanced)

The last part of the Resource Details consists of detailed waiting queue statistics. Every time a process requires one or more resources, the process is queued for the required resource pool. In this example the process is always queued in the pool of the boss role and waits there until the resource is available.

Let us have a look at the statistics depicted Figure 2:

Figure 2: The report's queue statistics of the resource details


If a process needs two different resources, it is queued in both resource pools. Sometimes this results in waiting for one resource, while the other resource is already available. Then the process is dequeued from the available resource and stays in the queue of the unavailable one.