ProjectTask class

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The ProjectTask object represents an activity within the project definition of the workflow.




IYOPRO.Api (in IYOPRO.Api.dll)


       class ProjectTask


bool IsSubTask()

Returns true if the task is a subtask, false otherwise

string Name

The name of the task

string Description

The plain description of the task

int Diagram

The diagram id of the task

int CtrlId

The control id of the task

int TaskId

The Id of the task in the PM System

bool Tailorable

Indicates, if the task can be tailored or not

int ChildDiagram

The Id of an associated child diagram or 0 if nothing is assigned

string Predecessors

The PM predecessors of the task separated by semicolon, i.e. 1;2

string ResourceNames

The PM ressource names of the task separated by semicolon i.e.  Manager;Worker

DateTime? ActualStart

The actual start timestamp of the activity

DateTime? ActualFinish

The actual finish timestamp of the activity

int PercentComplete

The finish indicator from 0..100

double Duration

The duration of the activity in an undetermined unit

ProjectTasks SubTasks

A collection of subtasks. If not null, this activity is a collective task