Multi Language Diagrams

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The international harmonization of business processes in companies is one of the main applications of business process management. Therefore it's absolutely necessary to be able to provide all results of BPM in multiple foreign languages.

IYOPRO provides an easy to use mechanism to archive this requirement.

Conceptual Overview

The number and type of languages used in a diagram depend on various conditions which are often up to the organization behind. Therefore it's necessary to be able to define the required languages on document basis. This ensures, that you may share and exchange documents with other organizations without the need to do local customization. This results in the following definition

Important notice:

There are several reasons to NOT show flags as a representation of a language because flags represent countries. However, most people love flags as a representation and many of you asked us to implement them.  
So it may happen, that you will not find your expected flag beside the language of your choice.