Monitor Workflow Queues

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You can monitor two types of workflow queues:

The scheduled workflow queue contains workflows that have a timer start event, which starts the workflow on a specific date. This queue is the custom queue. The workflow tasks queue, on the other hand, is the default queue and contains all other workflows.

In the properties of the Workflow Build Options of a workflow, you may change the queue from default to custom and vice versa.

The table provides you with information about the workflow / process instance for which there is a list entry and about the user who caused this list entry. Furthermore, you receive information about the time it will be triggered as well as the number of repeats, whether it is to be repeated, the state and whether it was aborted.

Depending on your permissions to execute system management functions, you can disable or enable the processing of jobs using the two buttons above the table.

In addition, you can see whether IYOPRO is in normal service operation or in recovery mode. The possible statuses are: