Model 3c - Inclusive Gateways

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Goals of this lesson


Contrary to exclusive gateways the conditions in inclusive branching gateways do not have to be exclusive.

Figure 1: Model 3c - Inclusive Gateways / IYOPRO-Link

  1. First create a stochastic attribute as explained in lesson Assignment of Stochastic Process Variables
    1. Call the attribute X and assign it with a Discrete Uniform Distribution with a lower bound of 1 and an upper bound of 3
    2. This will represent the decision basis for the inclusive gateway in the model
  1. Set these conditions:
    1. Upper edge: Result=(X>=2);
    2. Lower edge: Result=(X<=2);

Note that (due to the equality) our conditions will both be met, when X is 2, which then will trigger two sub-processes being started on each sequence flow. The merging inclusive gateway therefore waits (similarly to the parallel gateway) until all (alive) sub-processes (tokens) arrive.

Figure 2: IYOPRO'S Simulation Process Attribute Editor