Model 3a - Exclusive Gateways using Conditions

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Goals of this lesson


Model 3.a explains how to use exclusive gateways for a simulation. Contrary to parallel gateways a branching exclusive gateway needs a condition on every outgoing sequence flow depending on (a) process variable(s). During the simulation the conditions on the outgoing edges will be evaluated to determine exactly one edge as the next path element. You have to ensure that the conditions will determine exactly one sequence flow, otherwise (two or more edges meet the conditions) the simulation results will be useless due to this modeling fault.

Please refer to section Variables for a description of how to set up variables and conditions.

Figure 1: Model 3a - Exclusive Gateway / IYOPRO-Link


Depending on our assignment of variables and conditions from the lessons Assigning Process Variables and Assigning Gateway Conditions, our variables and conditions look like this:


This configuration is quite static and always leads to the result, that the bottom sequence flow is being followed, and therefore the activity "Sub process 1" will never be executed. Simply simulate the model with this configuration and you will notice that the activity "Sub process 1" does not contain any statistical information.