Model 1b - Time Consuming Sequence Flows

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Goals of this lesson

In functional models it is advantageous to hide trivial actions for clarity. This feature is shown in the picture below: using sequence links with time consumption. For example, this is reasonable for simulating the duration of the daily in-box. You could provide an additional activity, that models the in-box process. But for better clarity and to direct the viewer's focus to the actual activities you use the sequence link's duration property.


Figure 1: Model 1b - Time consuming Sequence Flows / IYOPRO-Link


  1. Make sure, you selected the Simulation option from the Property Set drop-down-box.
  2. Click on the specific sequence link (in this case the one named "Mail In-box")
  3. Now click the button right of the empty field of the Duration option under the Optional Properties
  4. The Time Editor will show up
    1. Select the Poisson Distribution
    2. Set a Mean value of 2
    3. Close the Time Editor by clicking OK
  5. Repeat the same procedure with the "Mail sent" edge
    1. Set up an Triangular Distribution with the values: Lower = 1, Upper = 2 and Peak 1.8

The report will show this duration in the activities section and it will provide the same statistical informations.


The General Start Event is used equivalent to the Timer-Start-Event.