Model 15 - Setup and Post-processing time

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Goals of this lesson

There are resources (typically machines) that need a specific amount of time to get set up before they can work properly. On the other hand, after finishing a task resources may need some time, before they can be used again (post-processing time).

Therefore you can assign setup or / and post-processing times for resources in IYOPRO.

We will use Model 15 to explain this feature. This model is quite simple. It contains one start event, one activity and one end event. Let's assume we describe the process of a meeting, in which the boss of company X talks to the Division Managers to assess the company's current situation. Also, let us assume, that the boss needs 30 minutes to get ready before the meeting, and that he needs one hour after the meeting to process all the information he has been given from his division managers.


Figure 1: Model 15 - Setup and Post-processing time


Figure 2: Model 15 - Organization Diagram

Figure 3: Michael's simulation properties


We assigned a setup time of 30 minutes and a post-processing time of 1 hour to the role Boss of X. So, now every process instance has to acquire one Boss of X and two Division Managers when it reaches the activity. After all resource needs are met, the Boss of X's setup time starts, which means that the process instance has to wait 30 minutes before starting the activity. When the activity has been executed, the process instance moves on to the end event. The resource Boss of X is not available for other process instances yet, because it still has to post-process for 1 hour.