Model 14 - Resources for Pools and Lanes

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Goals of this lesson

Often we need to model divisions of companies. These divisions mostly use the same participant(s) throughout a pool or lane.

Therefore in IYOPRO resources can not only be assigned to activities, but also to pools and lanes. Model 14 consists of two pools, with the upper pool using the developer as participant. That means, every activity in this pool needs a developer resource. You will notice that the Simulation Properties of the Develop External activity has the option Inherit Resources, that is checked by default. If you do not want an activity in a pool to inherit the resources from the pool, you can deactivate this option.


Figure 1: Model 14 - Resources for Pools and Lanes



What we did was to assign a programmer to the top pool. Since the activity "Develop (external)" has its Inherit Resources option activated, it will always need one programmer to fulfill its duty.

In the bottom pool we assigned a Project Manager, which will be required by both activities. Then we also assigned a Programmer to the top lane. This means that the activity "Develop (internal)" will need one Project Manager and one Programmer to be completed.