Model 13 - Simple Example

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Goals of this session

In this lesson we will introduce resources to the simulation. Resources can be used to determine bottlenecks in the real-life resource allocation.

Model 13 simulates the management's work day. It starts on work days at 8 p.m., works for 8 hours and ends. As you can see, the activity Work uses a Participant, and the assigned role has to be a Boss.


Figure 1: Model 13 - Simple Example for the Usage of Resources


Figure 2: Simulations Properties of an activity -

The Participant property highlighted

Figure 3: IYOPRO's Participant editor

Figure 4: IYOPRO's Role Editor


Our process from Figure 1 works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We also assigned a participant to the only activity, which must be capable of the role Boss. Have a look at the report.