Model 11 - Events attached to Sub-Processes

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Goals of this lesson


In this model we will catch Cancel Events that are fired in the subprocess model of a subprocess activity. Have a look at Model 11 and Model 11a (the subprocess model).

Therefore we will define a stochastic variable which then will be used for the decision making at the branching exclusive gateway in Model 11. Depending on this variable the subprocess will either finish normally. Or it will throw one of the cancel events, which will fire the respective cancel event attached to the subprocess activity. Each of the two attached cancel events will lead to a respective activity that will be executed to treat the canceling of the subprocess.

Figure 1: Model 11 - Events attached to Subprocesses / IYOPRO-Link



This means that the subprocess model will only finish with the general end event, if x equals 2. otherwise it will trigger one of the receiving cancel events that are attached to the subprocess activity.

Figure 2: Model 11a - Subprocess model of Model 11 / IYOPRO-Link