Model 10 - Attached Error Event

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Goals of this lesson


In this model we introduce the error event. "Task 1" defines a variable, on which the decision making at the branching exclusive gateway is based on. If the variable's value leads to the error end event, it will fire the receiving error event attached to "Task 3". This event is interrupting and causes the process to proceed to the task "Task Handle Error". If the branching exclusive gateway's default sequence flow is being followed, "Task 3" will be executed normally.

Figure 1: Model 10 - Attached Error Event / IYOPRO-Link



The other event types can be used in a similar way.

Caution: Some event types have interrupting and non-interrupting properties, others may be used only in an interrupting way (e.g. the Error Event). In case of an inaccurate usage the simulation will throw an error in the simulation report.