Message Flows

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Message flows are used to represent communication between pools. That's why we added some useful features which will give you the possibility to get more details into your communication scheme (see table below).

Simulation Properties

Optional Simulation Properties


In this Text-Box you can add attributes, which shall be transported along with the message.

  • E. g. you define the variable x in activity a in pool 1, that shall be passed to an activity b in pool 2, because it will be the data basis for a gateway decision after activity b.
    • To accomplish this, you simply write the name of variable (in this case: x) into the Data-Text-Box and it's done!
    • If you would like to pass more than one variable or attribute, you can do this by separating them with a semicolon (e. g. "x; y;")
  • See Model 4b - Transporting Process Variables via Messages from the Simulation Tutorial for an example.

Note that you can assign new names to the attributes you want to be transferred to another pool.

  • The keyword to do this is "AS".
  • E. g. you want the attributes "revenue" and "profit" to be transferred from your food division to your enterprise's headquarters.
    • Then you simply enter the following: "revenue AS revenueFood; profit AS profitFood"
    • Of course you can mix "to be renamed" and "not to be renamed" attributes.
  • Model 3e - Data Stores from the Simulation Tutorial uses the keyword AS to rename transferred data between pools for example.

Transport Delay

Here you can add a transport delay by selecting an appropriate stochastic distribution.

E. g. sending a document to your supplier, which will be delivered by a courier in approximately one hour.