Integration of the web portal into applications

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The IYOPRO web portal can not only be opened as any browser page, but can also be integrated into applications. You can find examples below:

The whole web portal

The easiest way to integrate the web portal is to place a link on your intranet page, for example. You could then just have it open as a new tab.

The URL of the web portal is:

(Of course, if you are using IYOPRO as an on-premises installation, the URL will differ from this one.)

Depending on your intranet site, you can simply use html as shown below:

   <a href="" target="_blank">IYOPRO Web</a>

SVG export of a diagram

In IYOPRO App you have the option of exporting a diagram as SVG. If you also want to provide this outside of the app, you can use the URL as shown below and simply modify it so that it opens the diagram you want.

The following image shows what the page looks like when you click on the link.

Workflow form / task

Integrate start forms or existing tasks into other applications. The URLs needed for this look like this:

   Start form:

   Analogous for tasks:<task guid>

As you can see in the image below, you will then only get the menu relevant to the task.

For further information regarding the start of workflows, see the topic: Start Workflow outside IYOPRO

You can also find more information about embedding forms and the associated setting options under this topic: Embedding Forms in another application

Process instance details of a workflow

The process instance details are also available via an URL. The URL looks like this:


Links that refer to "" automatically redirect to the current portal (analogous to opening a task in IYOPRO App). We recommend using this version, where available, to avoid having to adjust the URLs in the future.

If you are using IYOPRO as an on-premises installation, the beginning of your URLs will differ from the displayed ones.