IYOPRO Api Developer Guide

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The IYOPRO API gives you access to most of the repository elements used in workflow environments.

Conceptual Overview

The IYOPRO API provides a set of classes which let you read and modify IYOPRO workflow data from within your applications.

First it is essential to establish a session to IYOPRO using the Session class. Once the Session has been established the session object is required for further API calls.

The API allows to enumerate running workflow instances and tasks as well as the creation of new instances.

In general all service calls are asynchronous.  In order to receive the requested service result the programmer has to register for the specified event which provides the result data or even an error information.

System Requirements

The IYOPRO API is based on the .Net Framework 4.0.

The API has been tested with various sample applications written with Visual Studio 2010.


The IYOPRO API Library and may be downloaded at https://www.iyopro.com/iyopro/api/IYOPRO.Api.zip

API User

If you want to use API calls in your workflow, you need to set an API User in the Workflow Build Options.