Event Details

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This report topic deals with the event details.

Inter-arrival times

The table in Figure 1 shows the events' inter-arrival times. In this case we have got the inter-arrival times of the start and the end event from our simulation model.

Figure 1: Report: Event Details - Inter-arrival time statistics

Event counter

The table in Figure 2 depicts the statistics for the events' counters. A counter is a simple statistic data type which represents the number of executed events.

In this case the end event has been executed 107 times, which is exactly the number of finished process instances from the process details view.

Figure 2: Report: Event Details - Counter statistics


Finally, Figure 3 shows the statistics for the events' distributions.

In our simulation model we have defined only one distribution at the start event, which has been a constant distribution (value = 2).

Figure 3: Report: Event Details - Distribution statistics