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Access Control Management

A few general words about authorization management (user access control) in IYOPRO before going into the details.

IYOPRO uses Access Control List (ACL) to facilitate user access control. ACL is a technique to determine which user may access which services and files.

The repository in IYOPRO is built as a hierarchically organized tree structure. This means that each element has exactly one direct predecessor (parent element). The exception is the root, which is the top level element. Elements below a parent element are called child elements. Below a "child" other child elements can be grouped.

In general the parent element passes its access rights to the child element. To facilitate information security the rights can be restricted individually for each object.

For further details refer to section at the the bottom of this page: "Inherited versus effective user rights".

Edit file security

Click the "This File" button in the "File Properties" dialog and select "Security".

The access control list will appear.

The "from Parent" button out of the tool-bar indicates, if the ACL is inherited from the parent folder or not.

In case, the ACL is inherited you will not be able to change security settings for this file. You first have to cut the ACL relationship to the parent. To do so toggle the "from Parent" button.

To assign rights to a user or a group, click into a new line in the upper section. Open the list and choose the user/the group.

In the lower section (Permission area) you may assign rights as desired. Click the "Save" button to save your changes. If a permission is denied it will outdo any allowance. The follow permissions can be granted or denied:

Required right to open files/diagrams

Required right to save changes in files/diagrams

Required right to launch workflow instances

Required right to delete files/diagrams

Required right to rename files/diagrams

Required right to use the export functionality for files/diagrams

Required right to change the ACL settings