Declaring cost types

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Declaration of cost types

All cost centers have to be declared within organization diagrams. which must be part of your BPI Project. If you don't know how to create organisation diagrams see BPI Project section.  

Figure 1 shows an organization diagram with three cost centers declared: 'FEK', 'MEK' and 'VerwGK'.

Figure 2 shows the property editor for the diagram elements.

Proceed the following steps for declaring a new cost center:

  1. Create or open an organisation diagram.
  2. Create a new element using the big arrows inside the editor view
  3. Change the element type to 'Cost center' (Figure 2, Step 1)
  4. Label the cost center with a name (Figure 2, Step 2)
  5. Decide wether it is driver-independant (fixed) cost type or an driver-dependant (variable) cost type (Figure 2, Step 3)

If the cost-center is driver-neutral you have to set the fixed costs within the organization diagram. If it is driver-dependent you have to assign variable costs within collaboration diagrams. The hierarchical order of cost centers inside the organigram doesn't have a meaning till now, this will change in future releases.

Figure 1: Cost centers declared within an organization diagram

Figure 2: Properties of the diagram element 'cost center'