BPI projects

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BPI is a shortcut of Business Process Improvement. The methodology has first been documented by H. James Harrington in 1991. The systematic approach enables optimizing processes in order to achieve more efficiency and effectiveness

The objective of improving a business process implicates that this intention becomes a project:

The "BPI project" feature in IYOPRO facilitates process management by offering a structured procedure. Based on BPI Projects you may later create workflows or perform deep BPS simulation & analysis.

Like the repository tree the "BPI Project" follows a hierarchy. The hierarchy is displayed in the process explorer.

The core elements of the "BPI project" feature are:


The "Solution" is the "bracket", which groups various "Projects" together.
If you create a new project, you may choose to create either a new solution or attach the project to an existing solution.(Create a new BPI project).


A Project consists out of all documents, which describe the process model, i.e. diagrams, documents,  folders etc.

This chapter provides information on the following operations

Create a new BPI project
Add a new diagram
Add an existing diagram
Add a folder
Remove an item
Rename an item