Attach Message Event to Hyperlink

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Nearly every workflow uses the email subsystem to inform users about outstanding tasks or actions that have been done.

Sometimes it's useful to embed one or more hyperlinks in the email to allow the receiver to quickly respond to this mail or take a decision.

For example, if your email contains a newsletter you may embed a hyperlink to allow the receiver to unsubscribe from the subscription.

To do so, edit the email message of the sending task and mark the text which will become a hyperlink

Click on the "Insert Link" Icon of the Font Ribbon Group to open the Url-Editor

In the Url-Editor activate the "Workflow Message" Option.

Click on the "..." Button to select the destination. The following window appears:

You may now select a message flow or any receive message event.

Caution: If you have chosen a message flow which spans over at least one none executing pool, you must activate the executable property of that message flow. If you don't, the targeted object will not wait for that element.

This event will then be assigned to the selected hyperlink.

In the case, the email receiver clicks on the hyperlink, the specified message will be triggered. If the target has been a receive message start event, a new process instance will be created.

Another common practice is to control the flow by an event based gateway. See the following model:

With the above method you can link the Yes/No hyperlinks to the intermediate events which will then trigger the flow.