Activity Details

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This section of the report deals with activity details. These statistics are part of the process' local dynamics, whose understanding has a crucial impact on the comprehension and improvement of the entire process.

Concurrently existing activities

The table from Figure 1 depicts the concurrently existing activities. We learn that there have been approximately 6 instances of each of the activities active at the same time.

Figure 1: Report: Activity details - Concurrently existing activities

Run-times and waiting times

Figure 2 shows the activity run-times and the waiting times of activities.



Figure 2: Report: Activity details - Activity run-times and waiting times


Finally the table from Figure 3 shows the activities' distribution statistics.

In this case we get statistics for the two distributions we have specified in the model (constant distribution and Normal distribution).


Figure 3: Report: Activity details - Distribution statistics

Distributions (see table above)


Name of the process


The number of started process instances.


An abbreviated denomination of the distribution's type. E. g. Cont Normal for the Normal distribution

Parameter 1*

The value for the distribution's first parameter.

Parameter 2*

The value for the distribution's second parameter.

Parameter 3*

The value for the distribution's third parameter.


The distribution's seed value.

Also note

The amount of parameters changes depending on the distribution type. E. g. the normal distribution needs two parameters, the Constant distribution though needs only one.