Account already in use

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An new user should be added to IYOPRO, but the account name is already used by another user (Error Code 103).

Most likely a user account was removed from the directory service and subsequently disabled in IYOPRO.

Later a new user account was created in the directory service using the same account name.

However, as this is a new account it was assigned an new security id by the directory service,  the security id

of the old (disabled) account in IYOPRO and the new account do not match.

To resolve this issue there are two options:

Option 1 is a right choice, if the old user and the new user are different persons and the old user's data (e.g. Diagrams in My Files)

can be deleted. After deletion of the IYOPRO user the synchronization will create an new IYOPRO account for the new user.

Option 2 is the right choice, if the old and the new user are the same person. With the reset of the security id the next

synchronization run will detect, that the user has no security id assigned and will assign the new one. Next the user can

log on and access his data.