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The IYOPRO Competence Center (ICC) was founded in the year 2013 by the Research- and Technologie Transfer Institute HITeC e.V., the Department of Information Technologie of the University Hamburg together with intellivate. The ICC is operated by Hitec and the Department of Information Technologie of the University Hamburg. Technically the ICC is supported by faculty university lecturer of the economy and information technology departments of the University Hamburg. IYOPRO as BPM Suite is increasingly and intensive used in teaching and in applied research projects.

The combination of business process modeling and business process simulation offers new analysis and optimization opportunities both in higher education and for companies in the field of business process management.

The Competence Center delivers technical support (training, counseling) for interested companies and draws on relevant experience of academic teaching and applied research!


In line with the cooperation of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Hamburg (Germany) which is lead by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Page, IYOPRO and its simulation toolkit is continuously refined.

Therefore a specific add-on of the Simulation Library DESMO-J for BPMN 2.0 models is developed and integrated into the design tool kit of IYOPRO. DESMO-J is a long-term university software development project and is published and used world-wide in traineeship and commerce.

The IYOPRO simulation tool kit offers the feasibility of stochastic and discrete event driven simulation of business processes together with an analysis for the dynamic behavior of business processes. The tool kit offers forecast indicators to estimate the potential run-time of processes in order to consider timescale, resources and costs to determine the optimal process by experimenting with different options. The results of the simulation and analysis are presented in diagrams.


pro accessio helps you to manage your business growth success. Whether you need to introduce or face the competition of other products or services, we will help you to develop the right processes and the right organizational structure. We advise and coach managers in companies in the introduction or modification of business processes. In the planning and implementation of projects for organizational and personal development we are supportive or responsible active. We train the professionals and managers in knowledge of methods and soft skills to further develop their potential.

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SRS Management GmbH was founded in 2002 in Bensheim, Germany. We specialize in solutions for mobile data capture. Companies of all sizes use our powerful product PaperDynamix® to capture handwritten data.

Our portfolio covers standard solutions for lead management, sales order management, facility management protocols as well as service reports. In cooperation with our software partners, we offer industry solutions for financial services, manufacturing, health care, retail, logistics and real estate. We also work with our customers to develop tailored solutions.


CubeServ provides a holistic BPM consulting approach.
In this context, the CubeServ Competence Center BPM and its team members have expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) in general, Process Modeling, Process Documentation, Process Execution and Process Analytics.
CubeServ offers collaborative consulting services with BPM experts from intellivate